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Onshore and offshore re-purposing for renewable energies

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Expansion of onshore energy hubs

Onshore, the sector is contributing to the energy transition through energy hubs, such as GZI Next. Often built on sites previously used by the oil and gas industry, these energy hubs are developing new technologies, such as deep and shallow geothermal heat, solar energy, green gas and hydrogen. The hubs also play an essential role in the training and career development of young workers. Element NL will identify the success factors of existing energy hubs and use this information to actively seek out suitable new locations. We will raise awareness of the energy hubs and provide incentives for collaboration with innovative companies.

Framework for hydrogen and CCS through system integration

In the North Sea, we will exploit the potential of hydrogen and CO2 storage by using existing pipelines and platforms, and by collaborating with other industries, such as wind power. Together with knowledge institutions and partners in the chain, Element NL is preparing a framework for system integration of hydrogen and CO2 storage in the North Sea. This will include repurposing the current infrastructure and installations, as well as mixing hydrogen produced from wind power and natural gas. We adopt an open and constructive approach to consultations with the government to draw up the right legislation and regulations.

News regarding Onshore and offshore re-purposing for renewable energies

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