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Gas production

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Gas production

Gas production

Natural gas production takes place at more than 200 locations onshore in the Netherlands and offshore in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. In addition to the famous Groningen field, Europe's largest gas field, there are many smaller gas fields in the Netherlands. About half of these 'small fields' are located offshore in the North Sea. Onshore, gas is produced not only in Groningen but also in the provinces of Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant.

The consumption of gas in the Netherlands is being phased out. But until the energy transition is complete, natural gas will continue to be important for industries and households. Because the Netherlands has large gas reserves of its own, we are less dependent on other countries and the security of our supply is guaranteed.

The article 'Gaswinning in Nederland: van afbouw Groningen tot energtransitie' (in Dutch only) on the OnsAardgas.nl website, explains more about how natural gas is produced, how big the Dutch reserves are, and what the effects of gas production are. It also explains the difference between the Groningen field and the smaller fields, and why gas production in Groningen is being wound down.

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