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Dutch government publishes second transparency report on the extractive industries

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The multi-stakeholder group (MSG) of the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) in the Netherlands has published its second report. The aim is to provide factual and easy-to-understand information on the extractive industries in the Netherlands, as well as the financial flows between the extractive industries and the Dutch government. It also covers the energy transition and the role of gas in our energy supply. The report was also sent to the House of Representatives by Minister van ‘t Wout (Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) on behalf of Minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Affairs and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation ).
The extraction of natural resources and how these are used is always the subject of political and social debate. The question of how society benefits from its geological and mineral resources is a key element in this debate, especially in times of great change. For example, there is currently the question of how to shape the transition to a fossil-free economy. Oil and gas continue to play an important role in all scenarios towards achieving the 2050 climate targets, for example, in order to maintain the security of our energy supply when renewable energy sources are insufficient in meeting the demand. There is therefore always the question of how we can and should use our national natural resources.
In order to discuss this, it is important to have reliable and easy-to-understand information about the extraction of these natural resources: how will they be extracted, which government authorities are involved, who extracts the resources, what revenues will be produced, and how will society share in the wealth? This report aims to set out this information and to present the available data in context. Much of the information contained in this report is already publicly available, but is spread across multiple organisations and sources. The added value of this report is that all this information is presented in a single document.

The Dutch EITI report is prepared and published annually by the Dutch EITI multi-stakeholder group, consisting of representatives of civil society organisations, the government and the industries concerned. EITI is a voluntary global standard to promote understanding of natural resource management and strengthen public and corporate governance and accountability. The Netherlands is one of the 55 countries that have decided to implement the EITI standard. This second Dutch EITI report covers the year 2018 and focuses on the oil, gas and salt industries.


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