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Ambitious plans for climate and energy in the new coalition agreement

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“The coalition shows the right ambition when it comes to climate and energy,” says Menno Snel, chairman of Element NL, in response to the new coalition agreement 'Looking out for each other, looking ahead to the future'. “The new government is striking the right note about the energy transition, for example, by introducing a green industrial policy. Cooperation and long-term agreements will be needed in the coming years to shape the energy transition.”
Minister for Climate and Energy Policy
It is right that a new ministerial post has been created for Climate and Energy Policy. As far as Element NL is concerned, the responsible minister should take control of the energy transition as soon as possible. Under the leadership of the Minister, all parties involved – both in government and in the business community and NGOs – will have to work intensively together to get this immense task done. Since the Minister will also have access to finance from the Climate Fund, he or she will be able to get to work right away. This testifies to the necessary sense of urgency on the part of the new government.

Importance of Dutch natural gas
In the coalition agreement, the government sets out the course for the future of Dutch natural gas, the importance of which remains indisputable today. Security of supply and a reduced dependence on imported gas are important reasons given by the government. The government supports the production of natural gas offshore in the North Sea. There are many opportunities for the North Sea to become the energy source of the future. As far as Element NL is concerned, it is important that systems are integrated; we want to agree arrangements for this with the new minister as soon as possible. In such a transition deal for the North Sea, long-term agreements will have to be made about the role not just of our own sector, but also other sectors in the transition to a new energy system.

Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
In the coalition agreement, the government says it will further develop hydrogen and CCS. The natural gas sector plays a major role in both of these new technologies, not least because the new energy system will be built on the old one.

CO2 storage is the right choice. By storing CO2, for example in depleted gas fields, you prevent CO2 from getting into the atmosphere, which has immediate CO2 benefits. We are also already working hard on CCS, for example, within the Porthos project. We also need to make full use of hydrogen opportunities, as we are already doing in PosHYdon, the first green hydrogen production platform project. Here, too, we are actively collaborating with other sectors to capitalise on the opportunities that exist.

'Looking out for each other, looking ahead to the future' is a great foundation for the years to come. The natural gas sector will continue to provide the Netherlands with reliable and affordable gas; in the future, and we will support the government's ambitions by using our knowledge, investments and infrastructure to develop the new energy system.


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