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'Energy in a nutshell': 8 short videos about the energy transition

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In March 2021, KVGN – the industry association of the Dutch gas sector – launched the Energy in a Nutshell campaign (Dutch title: 'Energie in the Kort') to inform its audience about the energy transition. What is needed to be climate-neutral by 2050 and what solutions are there to make our entire energy system more sustainable? The role of sustainable gases, both now and in the energy system of the future, is also covered.

The ‘Energy in a Nutshell’ campaign consists of informative videos on the important themes that we face on the path to a sustainable energy system. There are answers to questions such as: How are we going to make 8 million houses more sustainable by 2050? How many wind turbines are we going to build in the North Sea? What are sustainable gases, and why do we want them? And how do we create a smart energy system in which heat, electricity and gases are all interlinked?

 See all the videos on the website (Dutch only). 


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