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Factsheet: Methane emissions in the Dutch gas chain

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The aim of this factsheet is to provide insight into methane emissions throughout the entire Dutch gas chain based on actual data. To do this, the factsheet brings together information on the entire Dutch gas chain, from exploration and production to transport and distribution. However, the issue is not something that only affects the Netherlands, because climate change is by its very nature a global problem, and is therefore receiving global and European attention.

The primary component of natural gas is methane. Methane emissions occur naturally, for example, in wetlands, in the agricultural sector and during the production and transport of natural gas. Once methane is released into the atmosphere, it contributes – just like CO2 – to the greenhouse effect. Methane, however, is a much stronger greenhouse gas than CO2. Combating methane emissions is therefore especially important and for this reason, the gas industry is taking measures to reduce methane emissions. The gas industry also believes it is important to communicate with full transparency about methane emissions. This factsheet therefore aims to clarify the following issues about the gas industry:

- How is methane released into the atmosphere?
- How strong is the effect of methane on the climate?
- How much methane is emitted in the Netherlands?
- What effect do methane emissions from the gas industry have on the climate?
- And what is the gas industry doing to combat methane emissions?


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