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Letter to coalition talks facilitator Mariëtte Hamer: Dutch natural gas from small fields indispensable in the energy transition

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On 20 May, NOGEPA, the industry association for oil and gas producing companies in the Netherlands, sent a letter to coalition talks facilitator Mariëtte Hamer. In the letter, the sector draws attention to the importance of gas production from the small fields in order to raise awareness of the issue during the formation of a new government. One of the most important challenges that a new government will have to tackle in the coming period is deciding on the course for making our energy system more sustainable. The sector as a whole can make an important contribution to this today, tomorrow and beyond. We explain this in greater detail in the letter to coalition talks facilitator Hamer.
Natural gas is still an important part of our energy mix and will continue to be so in the coming decades. The energy transition is a complex task and therefore not achieved overnight. During this transition, a reliable, stable and affordable energy supply must be guaranteed. In the transition period to a fully sustainable energy system, natural gas as a transitional fuel will be able to make an important contribution to the sustainability, security of supply, affordability and reliability of our energy system on the way to a CO2-neutral future.

The Dutch gas sector plays a specific role in this. Today, by producing Dutch natural gas from small fields safely and reliably. Tomorrow, by using our knowledge and infrastructure for new applications, such as hydrogen pilots, New Energy Hubs and the transport and storage of CO2 in depleted gas fields in the North Sea. And beyond tomorrow – in a transformed sector – as part of the new energy system. For example, in the form of geothermal projects, green gas and the production, storage and transport of hydrogen.

Gas production from small Dutch fields is better for the climate, the economy, employment and the security of supply than importing natural gas from elsewhere. What's more, part of the existing gas infrastructure, and our knowledge and expertise relating to the deep subsoil can be used for the energy transition.

The oil & gas sector sees an indispensable role for the industry in the energy transition, and therefore calls for specific attention to the following issues:

A stable and reliable business environment that encourages domestic gas production, where safe and justifiable, with a clear, transparent and predictable licensing process that provides clarity to all stakeholders;
A direct link between the benefits of gas production and the local energy transition. By directing some of the revenues from gas production to local sustainable energy projects, there will be a clear link between how gas production can accelerate the sustainability of the area locally and contribute to increasing support from the population at large and public administration in the region.
The use of reuse of the existing oil and gas infrastructure for other applications in the energy transition (such as hydrogen production and transport, CO2 transport and storage in depleted gas fields in the North Sea, Gas meets Wind, Geothermal, Green Gas, New Energy Hubs, etc.).


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