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Human capital agenda

Because activities in our sector are simultaneously being phased out, phased in and converted, the sustainable employability of our human capital forms a key policy initiative. In 2022, we will embark on a cross-sectoral analysis of the knowledge and skills required for the world of work, not just today but in the future too. We are developing a joint human capital agenda with parties including the offshore wind sector, suppliers and employee organisations, in which our people's sustainable and cross-sectoral employability is paramount. The aim is to remain an attractive sector for both practically and theoretically trained people alike. Part of this process will include the drafting of professional development prospects and a lifecycle-based career policy.

Cooperation among knowledge institutions

We will work with Dutch education institutions to ensure the curricula are suitable for future generations and the world of work they will find themselves in. Element NL will set up learning communities in which new practical knowledge will be acquired and transferred to the curriculum of study programmes.

Operational cooperation with the wind sector

Element NL will collaborate more closely with the offshore wind sector throughout the energy transition. With this in mind, we are exploring opportunities for more operational cooperation between offshore wind and offshore oil and gas. This is how we intend to accelerate the energy transition.
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