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Advertisement: Today is also about the energy for tomorrow

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To draw attention to the role of natural gas in our energy supply  today, tomorrow and beyond, NOGEPA will publish full-page advertisements from OnsAardgas in national newspapers on 15, 16 and 17 March because now is the moment to decide the course of our country together. One of the items on the agenda is something we all face together: the energy transition. We know that things have to change, and we will need to use less fossil fuel if we are to be CO2-neutral in 30 years' time. But we also know that we cannot do without fossil fuels for the time being.

For this reason, the natural gas sector is actively involved in sustainable solutions. Today, we produce natural gas for our energy and heat from more than 200 small fields in the Netherlands. By doing this, we keep production and supply in our own hands, as importing foreign gas is less sustainable. What's more, we are using all our knowledge to make our existing infrastructure suitable for the renewable energy sources of the future, such as green gas and hydrogen.

No matter who will form the government in the years ahead, we are already working today on our #EnergyForTomorrow 


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