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Rap summary of Element NL launch - Atta de Tolk

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By: Atta de Tolk, 16 May 2022

Sometimes you wake up on a Monday morning and everything is different
NOGEPA is now Element NL, so what has changed?
Rogier asked who was present using a mentimeter presentation
And in terms of presence, the people from the industry are leading, miles ahead

Quickly moving onto Menno Snel,
He was on breakfast TV this morning, and that always attracts protesters
But to start with they stayed away, it was predictable
And it it's a shame they didn't turn up
If they had been there, they would have heard a promise to society

Action items and an agenda for the future
We can only achieve it by acting together, the key finding
That is what is still echoing this evening
A better world is not something that we can take for granted

The old and the new are counter opposed, but this only seems to be the case
The challenges ahead do seem pretty tough
But if we can think up solutions, we can achieve them too
It's in our hands, even if it sometimes seems to be just out of reach

We are going for it, working hard
Share the same driving force, intrinsic
The name NOGEPA was no longer representative
Now the focus will be different, strategic

Action items, you can already hear the driving force
Everything we do is an investment
We still need oil & gas, to the frustration of some
But Olof van der Gaag already spoke words of appreciation

We mustn't underestimate brave steps
Saying goodbye to source that have long given us energy
We are seeking collaborations, so there is not too much on our plate
This makes our vision sharper, meaning the core will be more visible

More than 1 mission, but lower emissions first
Even if it means reduction of our own actions
Storing CO2, and hydrogen needs no introduction
But without a strong infrastructure, it won't work

As with electric driving, the question with hydrogen is: where can I refuel?
So let's start there: hydrogen - fuel for thought
No need to reinvent the wheel, but it might need rebalancing
So, also look at reusing infrastructure

Remember, by sharing you add value
What good is knowledge we keep to ourselves?

Today, an elementary mentality has been born
Where we look with other sectors to see how we can score together
Let's not forget, you need to invest to reap the rewards
If we invest now, the entire chain will remain viable later

Today we celebrate together
But when asked: what would you like to discuss over coffee?
We learned a lot
From the audience, we saw the vision and a deeper lens
For instance: should we not limit pollution?

How do we make it specific and pick up the pace
Private sector, public sector, private individuals. Do we engage them too?
}Not only the future is important but today too
Someone said: I don't hear the 'oil' anywhere anymore, well oil is also so heavy to digest

What will be the cost of doing this?
How will we measure improvements?
What about the fisheries? And the mussel man who lives in Drury Lane?

The impact of our efforts now seems unpredictable
But wait, in a short time it will seem amazing
Only if you stay on task will you count and make a difference
Chemical elements make for an interesting cocktail anyway

What we are doing here is called pioneering
Don't let a few exciting nuggets spoil your plans
It's okay to make mistakes, don't be deterred
What is being developed here is complicated

Let's fill our diaries with coffee dates
But vision without action is also just empty talk
We need to keep innovating, then there will always be a new opportunity
Not capitalising on that would be a fool's errand

We sail in troubled waters, but are the ship that remains afloat
Or is it because the transition is to dependent on subsidies

Be brave like a superhero because it's who you are
The combo of earth, water, fire and air like in the cartoon Captain Planet
Serious business, the opposite of child's play
The fact that you build with LEGO doesn't make it any less legitimate

We are also talking about the North Sea
Can we talk about that?
So will it really become more sustainable, yes or no?

How do we package the message so that people stay engaged?
Maybe we will soon be exploiting the gas workers

All small improvements help us towards the next big deal
Stay realistic, don't become fossilised
Whatever your generation believes, the next may see things differently
Look my child - this is a footprint of a diesel dinosaur

We are a civilisation with a huge energy addiction
We should still look at sustainable enforcement
If you think technology is too slow, you are the one with the problem
Today, the cars that win the Dakar Rally are electric

At the start of the day, I thought: these people are smart
But then came the quiz
Painful conclusion, but gosh, how wrong I was
Fortunately, with the team names, you did your best
The highlight being the dissidents

}Today was not just the big reveal of a new name
It was also decided that you will play in a band
A homegrown band that delightfully jams
With a vibe that brightens your mood

1st voice, 2nd voice, singing in harmony
Today we laid down the soundtrack of the new energy{nbsp97/}
Let me tell you, if you jam like this
NL will soon all be in their element!




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