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Dutch population sees a role for natural gas in the energy transition

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Gas from Dutch small fields preferable to imported gas
The Hague, 15 October 2020 – Recent research among the Dutch population conducted by Kantar on behalf of NOGEPA (the Dutch association of oil and gas producers) shows that the Dutch still see a role for natural gas in the transition to a sustainable energy supply. The attitude towards natural gas production from small Dutch fields is more positive (33%) than negative (17%). The main reason for the positive sentiment about natural gas production from small Dutch fields is the avoidance of dependency on natural gas imports from foreign countries (81%).

Natural gas as a safety net
People were clear that the energy transition will be a gradual process as renewable energy sources cannot always meet the demand. The Dutch believe that the energy transition will require some difficult choices (63%) and understand that natural gas can serve as a safety net if energy from renewable sources falls short of what is needed (60%). Most Dutch people (57%) think that it will be difficult for the Netherlands to completely free itself from natural gas. Two-thirds of the Dutch population are positive about the reuse of existing natural gas pipelines and infrastructure to transport new, sustainable gases, such as hydrogen.

Small fields
Arendo Schreurs, Director-General of NOGEPA, is pleased with the recognition of the role of Dutch natural gas in the energy transition: “Natural gas produced in the Netherlands produces 30% less CO2 than imported natural gas. And its production generates money and jobs (both in the industry and in the supply chain), rather than costing money. Dutch people who are positive about natural gas production from our national resources are primarily thinking of offshore gas production. People who are negative about small gas fields onshore appear to be particularly concerned about the likelihood of earth tremors. Given the history of Groningen, I understand these concerns; it is important that a solution has now been found." He adds that the risk of gas production from small fields is in no way comparable to that of the Groningen field. “The scale of the small fields is a fraction of the size. Of course, as a sector, we stand by the position that we only want to produce gas from small fields where it can be done safely and responsibly.”


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