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Research into gas production in the North Sea endorses the acceleration of the energy transition

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The study on Gas Production in the North Sea, conducted by CE Delft and TNO on behalf of the North Sea consultation body (NZO) was presented on Friday, 23 December 2022. As a member of NZO, Element NL is grateful to the parties for producing this study. Element NL endorses the conclusions drawn by NZO and is clear about the areas where the industry can make a positive contribution to help achieve the climate goals. 

Distinction between production and consumption
The study again highlights the climate problem's seriousness and presents two clear findings. The first is that the projected cumulative CO2 emissions from all Dutch economic activity will probably exceed the Paris climate targets. The second finding, however, is that North Sea natural gas production is compliant with these targets. This distinction between the production of natural gas and its consumption is essential in the energy transition debate. 

Dutch natural gas is cleanest
The study confirms that Dutch North Sea gas is among the cleanest natural gas produced, as much as six times cleaner than LNG from the US, for instance. Demand for fossil fuels must be phased out as soon as possible, but opting for gas imports during the energy transition ignores the fact that the climate problem is global. By importing gas and not reducing demand, we are merely shifting the problem elsewhere. Locally produced Dutch gas is the least polluting of all the options.


Role of the gas industry is essential
Element NL sees a vital role for the gas industry to continue developing and implementing innovative solutions during the energy transition, such as system integration, hydrogen production, and CO2 storage. Element NL calls on the government to support these technologies and to be resolute in accelerating the energy transition. 

Government response in January
The government's response to this study is expected in early 2023. Element NL will follow the process closely and discuss the conclusions and findings from the study in more detail once the government has made its announcement. 

Click here to read the cover letter accompanying the report sent to parliament.

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